Gary A. Zarkowski CPA, CFP ®


Certified Public Accountant 
Certified Specialist in Retirement Planning
* Registered Securities Representative
Trustworthy, Independent & Objective
Comprehensive Knowledge
Convenient Personal Service
Affordable Quality Service

Experienced Accountant and Tax Advisor

  • Trusted advisor to millionaire and decamillionaire clients.
  • 27 years of practical experience in financial services field.

Respected Businessman

  • Recognized expert witness in accounting and tax matters.
  • Valued estate and financial services provider.

Dedicated to American Values

  • Former US Army Officer
  • Tireless advocate and lobbyist for taxpayer and business issues.

Author and Media Personality

  • Published author of numerous articles on tax and financial topics.
  • Appeared on television programs such as "Ask the CPAs" and "Ask the Financial Planners."
  • Sought-after speaker on tax and financial topics.